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Coffee Bar Service

Coffee is personal. So is your event.

I believe that coffee is personal, and so is your event. 

I also believe that your coffee should be catered by a coffee professional, who is passionate in providing the best coffee service experience for you and your guests. 

Lola Bean Coffee is available to provide coffee service to your next event, or meeting. 

Wedding? I do! 

Business meeting? The best minds are fueled on coffee. 

Grand opening? Cheers!

Funeral? We serve a warm mug of comfort. 

Name the event - I'll be there! 

What you'll get is a unique experience, service from the heart with freshly roasted and brewed coffee. 

I offer a French Press Coffee Bar & Drip Coffee service with all the trimmings. 

Service can be tailored à la carte to suit your needs. 

I have several single origin coffees for you to choose from, or you can opt for a custom blend. 

Whatever the occasion, I look forward to working with you, and providing the coffee service your event deserves!


Coffee Bar Services / Price List

WHAT DO I NEED FROM YOU? First and foremost, people who drink coffee! I will also need access to electricity where the bar will be setup, and plenty of space. At most, a 10x10 area should be sufficient. I prefer 7 days notice, 10 days for large events. I am available to meet at the venue site ahead of time, so we can map out the best place for setup.

Coffee Service Inquiries

Questions? Ready to schedule? Let's talk about your event!

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