February is a month of love; your coffee loves you.


coffee beans ready to be roasted

Small Batch Roaster

Beans are roasted in small batches with a fluid bed, or hot air, roaster. This is my preferred way of roasting, as, I believe, it produces a well developed cup, bringing out the brightest, cleanest flavors. 

roasted beans women in coffee

Roasted & Shipped to Order

Your beans are roasted, and shipped to order. What does this mean? It means you will always get freshly roasted beans.
Shipping happens on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Any orders placed will be roasted within 24 hours of the nearest shipping day, to ensure the best quality of beans you can brew. 

women in coffee whole bean roaster lola

LBC - Your Roaster

For over 15 years I have been in and around the coffee industry. Always loving a warm cup of joe, my passion for coffee was ignited when I became a barista. From there I continued down the rabbit hole, and my love for coffee grew. Finally, I decided it was time to leave my 'desk job', pursue my passion, and open my own coffee roasting business.  I can truly say I love what I do, and do what I love. 

Direct Relationships - Sustainable Practices
The beans you grind, and brew come with a story and honest relationships. These relationships are, and always will be, a priority with Lola Bean Coffee. This means complete and honest transparency with the beans roasted, knowing the farmers/producers are utilizing sustainable practices for themselves and the environment, learning the story behind them, as well as supporting farmers/producers to get them the prices for their coffees, and hard work, they deserve.


Coffee is Personal 

I can't think of a time in life where coffee wasn't somewhere in the background, or directly involved. Hanging out with girlfriends over a cup of coffee. First dates at the local coffee shop. Weddings. Promotions. Good times, and sad, there's always coffee.
A dear friend of mine and I were once chatting at a coffee shop, and we both agreed no matter what was happening in life, coffee was always part of the answer.
Coffee isn't just a drink, it's personal. Like I tell my friends, 'You can always count on me for an open ear, a sturdy shoulder, and a good cup of coffee.' A bit of laughter is usually in accompaniment, as well. 

Coffee is Accessible

You can walk into any coffee shop and ask for your coffee to be brewed via Pour Over, Chemex, and French Press. This is a wonderful way to taste your coffee, and feels like a bit of a luxury. It may also feel a bit intimidating to bring the tastes of a coffee shop home. But it doesn't have to be! I am happy to share home brewing tips, and educate anyone wanting to learn new ways to brew their coffee at home. It's your coffee, your experience, and it's important that you enjoy it.

Thank You 

Your beans are roasted with lots love. It's true! My heart goes into every detail. I hope you enjoy your coffee as much as I enjoyed roasting it for you. 

Blog -

Curious about bean origin, tasting notes, or random roasting thoughts? 

You can find it here on the 

Lola Bean blog.